Engine Test Beds

VTI designs, manufactures and commissions engine test bed for aeronautic engines. Test bed can by designed for  both tactical and ground usage.

The system includes 4 individual subsystems, all of them adaptable to customer needs and specification:
Fuel feeding instrumented lines.
Instrumented test rig (thrust and torque).
Data acquisition system (DAS).
Engine and test control system (hardware and software).
Instrumented Engine Test Bed
Instrumented engine test bed
Fuel feeding line
Fuel feeding line
The fuel feeding lines are designed to obtain the fuel flow rate taking into account fuel density variation based on real pressure and temperature (SAE AR4990).
Feeding system can be adjusted to any engine type and fuel (petrol or diesel).

DAS is designed according customer needs: type/number of  sensors (RTD, thermocouples, LC, etc).

VTI has created its own data acquisition software (NEOSAD) that allows the customer to visualize in real time any registered parameter, to create personalized interface windows, derived channels, etc..

Engine can be fully steered from the  control system: start/stop, throttle and choke levers, etc..

Control software allows to perform long term tests supervising different engine parameter and aborting test if necessary.
Personalized software Interface
VTI control systems own design

Detalle pupitre de control
Control desk