Crash simulation Systems: Catapults
Crash Simulation Laboratories for component pre-homologation, conformity of production and regulation certification testing.

Design, construction and commissioning of the propulsion, guidance, sled, deceleration and control sub systems.

VTI adapts the design of the laboratory and the technologies to apply on each subsystem, to customers needs, technical specifications and local limitations.

Also, under customers request, VTI can define, supply and integrate auxiliary systems including: High Speed Video System, HMI halogen or similar lighting systems, Data Acquisition Systems, crash test dummies, etc.

INSIA-Passive Safety Lab Jane Crash test Research Center

VTI works along with its customer in the design, construction and commissioning of special tool kits to carry out specific tests:
  • ECE seats.
  • R&D test benches.
  • Side impact intrusion system.
  • Special tool kits.
INSIA-LSP Side impact WSU 5% sled configuration
WSU side impact tests barrier 5th

ECE R44 test bench variable impact direction.