Anthropomorphic Form Launchers

Anthropomorphic form launcher specially designed for launching any type of impactor independently of its geometry and of if it must be launched in free flight or in guided way, without the need of adding any type of external guiding system.

Specially useful in general energy dissipation tests like false head against dash board, body block against steering wheel/column with or without airbag, etc.

Pneumatic energy cell, rugged and maintenance free with high launching speed precision, assures an unbeatable up-time with a significant lower cost than hydraulic systems.

There is a Special Version for Pedestrian Impact Simulation (EEVC WG17 and others).
VTI pneumatic Launcher
VTI pneumatic launcher

Launcher positioner will depend on customer design. DoF of the positioner can be manual, motorized or automatic.
  • Energy dissipation test according to ECE R21
  • Body block test according to  ECE R12.
  • Material characterization.
  • Head ejection mitigation test systems.
  • Others.
VTI launcher for guided body block test (1DoF)
Launcher for guided body block tests
1Dof positioner system
Lanzador en configuración fija. Ensayos caracterización de materiales.
Material charactetization system
Launcher in a fixed structure
Free motion  body block/head
 launcher in a 3 dof motorize  positioner