Wave Makers

     Awasys  developed by AAU
    • Windows® based, user-friendly wave generation software with most capabilities and highest performance in the market.

    • 2D & 3D active wave absorption, easy to configure via software.

    • Allows the user to perform wave generation synthesis and simultaneously modify control signals according to an active wave absorption loop.

    • Wave generation process is visualised in graphs showing paddle movements, measured surface elevations and calculated incident wave spectrum

    • The following sea states can be generated in AwaSys:
    • Regular waves
    • Irregular unidirectional and multidirectional waves according to predefined or user defined spectra
    • Irregular unidirectional and multidirectional waves with user defined wave train time series reproduced in a given point in the flume/basin
    • Solitary & freak waves (with given focus point in the flume/basin)
    • State-of-the-Art generation principles:
    • Linear, 2nd order or stream function theory for generation of regular waves
    • Deterministic (Random phase) and non-deterministic (Filtered White Noise) methods for generation of irregular waves.
    • 2nd order correction for irregular waves (long-crested waves normal to the wave maker)
    • Corner reflection (Dalrymple) to largely increase area with correctly generated oblique and multidirectional waves