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03/11/2020 21:50h Singular Projects, Wave laboratories

New Multidirectional Wave Maker for CEPYC

VTI successfully installs a spectacular multidirectional wave generator at the Port and Coastal Experimentation Centre (CEDEX) in Madrid.
The new wave generator represents a new step forward in the design and manufacture of this type of test systems by VTI, reaching new levels of construction quality and operational performance.
The equipment consists of 64 piston-type paddles 2 m high and 0.45 m wide. It can generate waves up to 0.7 m high for periods between 0.5 and 5 s.
With this new facility, CEDEX reinforces its leadership position in port and coastal engineering worldwide, having a renewed capacity to generate high-quality waves.
The generator has the latest version of the wave generation software AwaSys. Among its high performance, we can highlight the capacity to generate all types of regular and irregular waves, including numerous predefined spectra, short and long crested waves, generation of 2nd order waves, generation of stream function, generation of solitary waves, etc.
The system also offers 3D active absorption of the reflected waves fully configurable by software and with exceptional features that represent the state of the art at the present time.
This project consolidates VTI's leading position among manufacturers of this type of unique test systems.

“At VTI we are very proud of the technical level achieved with the new wave maker for CEDEX. It is precisely 10 years ago that we started supplying wave generation systems, and it is amazing to see how much we have advanced in this time.”

Andrés Vázquez (Founder & CEO).

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