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05/10/2020 09:48h Automotive, Railway

VTI Enters Football Stadiums

It is easy to imagine fans celebrating their favourite team's goal by jumping on their seats and causing it to endure a much greater stress than desirable. Well, even in those circumstances, the furniture in sports facilities often withstands deformation and breakage.

The resistance capacity of this type of furniture is possible thanks to the fulfilment of strict regulations that ensure their functionality according to the requirements for which they were designed.

In order to comply with these standards, static load tests, durability, impact and fall tests are carried out through the precise application of large forces during certain time cycles. In this way, they continue their function even under improper use. This ensures quality and trust in the final product throughout its useful life, regardless of the material used and the manufacturing process.

The company VTI - Vázquez y Torres e Ingeniería SL - designs and manufactures this type of Test Bench, required for compliance with the European Regulation UNE-EN 1728: 2013, which establishes the Test Methods to be carried out on seating furniture for the determination of their strength and durability.

In this context, VTI has recently delivered to the Spanish company INSITUAL (a Daplast brand) a test bench that includes a control system which carries out quality tests and R&D on the base and back of the folding plastic seats, based on the regulations UNE-EN 1728: 2013 6.4 (static load on seat and backrest) and UNE-EN 1728: 2013 6.18 (durability test in the front edge of the seat), respectively.

In this way, they manage to create safe and comfortable seats for the fans to experience sports and entertainment.

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