SBA Test Bench - VTI SL

Seat belt anchor (SBA) bench


Systems for carrying out quasi-static load tests on the restraint system anchors both directly in seats and in other equivalent elements (wheelchairs) according to the following legislation and industrial regulations: UNECE / UN Regulations (R -14), FMVSS (210), ISO 10542.


Performing tests of 1 to 3 seats. In its standard version it allows loads of up to 30 kN per actuator, 800 mm stroke and 300 mm/s speed with electrical or hydraulic technology and the possibility of manual or motorized positioning. VTI develops custom systems for special performances.


Real-time closed-loop digital control, own development. This allows the user to enter force or displacement set points that are tracked with great precision and repeatability. Possibility of synchronized signal acquisition of user sensors. A single centralized application in case of motorized positioning.