Complementary Systems - VTI SL

  • O6IHCWind
  • O6Profile
  • O6PassiveAbs


Data acquisition systems specially designed to work with WaveLab® data acquisition and analysis software from the University of Aalborg. The systems can be configured from 16 to 160 channels with a resolution of 16-bit and up to 5000 samples per second. They have trigger input for synchronization with wave generation equipment.


A profiler is a system that allows three-dimensional measurements of dikes, sea floors, etc., and determines their erosion without physical contact with the surface to be measured, unlike other systems available in the market. The measurements are made using a laser system. After each measurement, the results are presented to the user in the form of simple graphs. The system works with EPro® software from the University of Aalborg

Other Systems

Other complementary systems offered by VTI are: current generation and water recirculation systems, wind tunnels, didactic wave channels, control systems for wave laboratories, etc. All these systems are always designed according to the needs of each customer.